Re: changing from KDE to Gnome

Mukotar wrote:
Timothy Scott Mathews wrote:
I'd like to give the Gnome desktop a try but can't seem to find out a
method for installing it. I've opened YAST and--at least I
THINK--looked at everything remotely connected to adding, modifying or
updating software. Do I need to do a total reinstallation of Linux
to change from KDE to Gnome?

No.. It's pretty easy:

- Go to Software Management in Yast.
- On the right side there is going to be a drop-down menu called "Filter".
SORRY!! I meant left side :)
-- Form that menu, select "Patterns".
- Select Gnome Base system.. (If you like it, you can install everything later by selecting gnome desktop environment)
- After install, select Logout
- At the login screen, click Session and select Gnome
- Enter your name and password to login to gnome!

That's IT!