Re: Does Suse Suck?

Paul J Gans wrote:
Please. You are smarter than that. Folks buy Windows
*because* it is pre-installed. If linux wants to
take over a major share of the desktop, it has to
counter this somehow.

Yes, but please compare things on the same level and look at the real
issue. The real issue is wether it is pre-installed or not. The issue is
NOT ease of use or installation. With both Linux is better.

Nonsense. If a compter illiterate (and that's 90% of everybody)
wants a computer, he or she will something preinstalled or
so easy to install that they can do it while knowing nothing.

You can leave the or out. hey want pre-installed.

World domination is determined by the amount of pre-installed systems,
no matter how easy and smooth an installation will go.

Nope. If that were true Windows would have disappeared
the moment SLS was released.

You do remember SLS, don't you?

No, and I have no idea what it is. Perhaps it did not have as many
pre-installed systems as Windows.

Also I am talking about world domination, meaning a monopolistic
marketshare. That does not mean that there will be nothing else.
Microsoft now has wold domination on the desktop. That does not mean
everything else has disapeared. It only means that the rest can only
play catch-up in marketshare.

And the only way to gain seriously in marketshare is to get Linux
pre-installed on many systems. When I looked at the stats of a consumer
website, I saw a share of Linux boxen of 0.1% (Sorry, forgot the Mac
numbers) Firefox had about 17%

What I am saying is that there are two things you need to compare:
1) pre-installed systems (not seriously available)
2) Ease of installation and other techical issues.

Please don't confuse them, because that would not be fair to neither.
Microsoft beats Linux in the first. Linux beats Microsoft in the second.
Marketshare is decided with the first, not the second.

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