Re: Wireless quirk in 10.2 w/ Linksys WMP54GS

BillyRay wrote:

I loaded 10.2 on my daughter's pc. Install went practically perfect!
Even the sound works now. Only problem is her Linksys WMP54GS wireless
network card. YAST recognized it but couldn't configure it. I installed
ndiswrapper and the Windows drivers, deleted the card in YAST, did a
'modprobe ndiswrapper' and the network manager can now configure it and
the card works. Problem is that when the machine is re-booted (she needs
windows for her Algebra homework) the card is back in it's disabled state
when we boot to Linux.

Any ideas?

Try completely removing power from the system for a couple of seconds after
shutting down Windows before booting into Linux. I had this issue with the
onboard wired card in my desktop. I had tried Kubuntu live, and no NIC,
installed SUSE10.1, no NIC working. In each case it indicated that card had
been found, but just wouldn't work. I accidentally disconnected the power
when swapping harddrives before booting back to linux after about 10 hrs of
messing around with drivers and bios settings, and suddenly the NIC Worked.
Apparently some windows drivers leave the NICs with settings in their NVRAM
which the linux drivers just arn't expecting to clear on system startup.
Fully disconnecting power causes the card to loose those settings, and then
Linux drivers work Fine.