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On Mon, 01 Jan 2007 22:10:42 +0100, houghi wrote:

Godzilla wrote:
I am about to launch a new system doing automated backups with a complete
backup every Monday and incremental backups every other night of the week.

What are you using? I use StoreBackup for standard files and plain rsync
for movies and mp3's, as I don't do incremental backups on those.
That does a continuing backup and incremential backup without me needing
to think very much about it.

It also has the advantage that if you don't zip the files, it is
extremely easy for users to get their backups back by simply copying it.

The process I use is simple and I do a backup twice a day.
First I see that I have a read-only drive. Only during the backup is it
mounted read/write. /media/backup
I do a backup manualy and see a file like
I then symlink /media/backup/latest/ to the above directory.
Then I symlink `ln -s /backup/storeBackup/latest/home/houghi/ ~/backup` so
that I only need to do `cd ~/backup` to get to my backup.
I then make the partition read-only again.

Then I make a small script that I will run in crontab that does the
1) mount read/write of the backup partition
2) do the backup
3) remove the 'latest' symlink and make a new one
4) Mount it back read-only

I am a little torn between purchasing another internal hard drive (cheaper)
or an external hard drive (more expense and space taking) for this purpose.

What are the thoughts of my knowledgeable colleagues on this?

Much depends on the value of your data. If it is for a company, go
external and if possible a network drive in another part of the
Otherwise I would go for an internal drive. The chance that your PC will
blow up and destroy everything are extremely slim. Most likely


Thanks for the detailed reply. What I have been using is KDar, which has
all of the capabilities that I need. Until I bought my recent machine, I
had been copying the KDar backups onto Cd's. Then, with the new machine,
I made a DVD, because the greater capacity didn't require me to use
multiple CD's.

Then, if you will recall one of the automatic updates to SUSE 10.1 wiped
out KDar because of some incompatibility. This bothered me, and was a
factor in my deciding to download and try OpenSUSE 10.2. Then, when I had
all of the problems installing 10.2 (because I forgot about NVidia's
quirks) I was at a loss about what to use. Now, 10.2 brought back KDar.

The weakest link in any chain is always the human one, not the mechanical
or the software. The last complete backup (on the DVD) of my home
directory was two and a half weeks ago. All of the files there were easily
restored. But, everything during that interval had to be re-installed
manually from paper copies or from my memory. That brings me up to the
present desire to have backups made WITHOUT HUMAN INTERVENTION, to
eliminate the laziness "I'll do another tomorrow or maybe next week."

Your system is excellent and obviously works well for you. But, it still
requires attention and human intervention. That is where I would fall down
sometimes. I came across another little program of a script nature which
looks like it might be worthwhile for this purpose at this link:

The main thing is for me to get up off of my lazy ass and do the job
regularly. ;-)


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