Re: Automated Backup choices

Godzilla wrote:
That brings me up to the
present desire to have backups made WITHOUT HUMAN INTERVENTION, to
eliminate the laziness "I'll do another tomorrow or maybe next week."

Your system is excellent and obviously works well for you. But, it still
requires attention and human intervention.

I only pay attention to it during the setup. After I have put it in
cron, I don't look at it anymore.

That is where I would fall down
sometimes. I came across another little program of a script nature which
looks like it might be worthwhile for this purpose at this link:

To me the ease of restore is the most importand part. Say I deleted
~.muttrc from my homedirectory, all I need to do to get it from the last
backup is: `cp ~/backup/.muttrc ~/.muttrc`
If I want, I can use any GUI filebrowser, mc or whatever to copy the
files back. No need to fiddle with gzip, tar, bzip or whatever.

What I use it for now is just to look in the backed up files with e.g.
less to see what the settings were.

The main thing is for me to get up off of my lazy ass and do the job
regularly. ;-)

That is where you use cron.

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