Re: can I enable SAMBA client in firewall

mjb wrote:

It would appear that samba is not running on the device...???? as there
is no smb protocol, just ms browsing on port 137.

I have a couple of wireshark captures (screen snapshots) here of
opensuse 10.2 and sled 10 connecting to my smb device.

The device I'm using is this;

It you run nmap from your computer to the device, what ports are open
on it?


malcolml@oscar-vm-suse-10-2:~> nmap

Starting Nmap 4.20 ( ) at 2007-01-02 23:25 CST
Interesting ports on
Not shown: 1693 closed ports
21/tcp open ftp
24/tcp open priv-mail
139/tcp open netbios-ssn
445/tcp open microsoft-ds

Nmap finished: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 7.691 seconds


Thanks for your help so far,

My file server looks similar to yours:
However the port numbers look completely different (see below).

I have been searching on the web for information about the unknown 862/tcp
port but I can't find anything.
There is no 445/tcp microsoft-ds port setup on my network.
I tried running nmap 3 times, once with the firewall enabled, once with
the firewall disabled and once when with a connection established from
Konqueror to the buffalo device and the output was the same in each case.

Any idea what is happening here? I would be very embarrassed if it was
running a different protocol than I thought. But if so why do I connect to
it with smb://hd-hglan82c/share/

suse102:/home/martin # nmap
Starting Nmap 4.20 ( ) at 2007-01-04 16:12 GMT
Interesting ports on
Not shown: 1690 closed ports
80/tcp open http
111/tcp open rpcbind
139/tcp open netbios-ssn
515/tcp open printer
548/tcp open afpovertcp
862/tcp open unknown
8080/tcp open http-proxy
MAC Address: 00:0D:0B:99:48:2C (Buffalo)
Nmap finished: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 13.379 seconds
suse102:/home/martin #

Hi Martin
Looks like it's only using netbios for the shares. Are you running the
latest firmware, it may have some new features.

I would guess those other ports may be used for the mac sharing.

Try using the knetattach application to connect to a win share.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
SLED 10.0 x86_64 Kernel
up 5 days 18:15, 2 users, load average: 0.17, 0.30, 0.27


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