Re: Licenses for 10.2?

houghi wrote:
David Bolt wrote:
I'll have to check but I'd hazard a guess that the GM CD ISOs would have
the same md5sum as an image made from the boxed set CDs.

Well, having a boxed set was also something that was proposed all the
time and if they all have a boxed set, then yes, it will be the same
source, obviously. Then there also would be no need to download

In fact there is no guarantee that all boxed sets will have the same
md5sum. All sets made from one image have the same sum, but there is
nothing to guarantee that all sets were made from the same image. MS
used to be very bad about that, burning from new images every day. Even
in the case where a company tries to insure only one image, it is
difficult. Sometimes even recompiles from identical source will produce
different md5sums.

Yes, but if you start from a set of images that match what you have and,
apart from running makeSUSEdvd on that, do nothing else, the resultant
DVD image will have only minor differences.

Those can be faulty burned or can otherwise be useless.

You mean like doing one install, saving the settings for that and
somehow see that everybody gets that.
Exactly. That's why I mentioned building the DVD using makeSUSEdvd and
including the autoinst.xml. That way would force an identical setup.
Even if the images aren't binary identical, the resulting installed
systems would (almost) be. The only change they will see is the
different signing key used on the install media.

So the control part will be the part that is NOT identical. Not
something I would call identicall.

Looking at this idea, even using the auto install system isn't going to
be very useful. After all, the autoinst.xml file contains information
for user accounts, including passwords. I don't think any admin worth
his salt is going to be happy sharing a root password, nor are they
going to want to be locked out of a system due to not knowing the root

That depends on how the installationis done. Leave it passwordless and
right after the first boot, have it download the real passwd file.

There's quite a few possible solutions. Not one is going to be easy, and
every one can be circumvented at some point.

Sure it is going to be easy. What do we have already:
1) Buy a boxed set for each branch
2) Download it
3) Do a installation over the network

That is how you can get the CD's

Now the installation itself
1) Go do each branch and do the installation
2) Have an IT person in each branch do the installation
3) Use push technology
4) Write your own autoinst.xml
5) Write the procedure

How I would do it would depend much on the hardware (are they all
identical, or not) on the amount of machines (Just one fileserver at
each of the 5 branches or up 5.000 desktops at 500 branches worldwide)
Also on the availability of people at the branch who can be able to do

My prefered method would be to set up a mirror and do a network
installation. Depending on the peoples skill, I would have various
options. All them are technical issies and none have realy to do with

The way to go about licenses is first to clearly state how to do it and
only THEN look what is posible. As always you should have three options
to choose from.


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