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Llew Weaver wrote:
...and this will never be accomplished as long as users argue over who
has the best distribution or "Does Suse Suck".

You say that as if competition is a bad thing. Obviously some people
will prefer one over the other. The question needs then to be asked:

In my case, YaST is the main reason I prefer openSUSE.

I tried Debian a few years ago but didn't like losing the easy to use
RPM packaging system. As for its desktop, I used KDE at the time and it
was very comparable to the version of SUSE I was using at the same time.

I've tried an old Mandrake release and, much more recently, Mandriva
2007. While I was able to use RPM, and the KDE desktop was almost
identical to the SUSE desktop, I was put off by the package management

I still have a Fedora Core 5 install. I don't use it anywhere near as
much as (open)SUSE, usually only for test-building packages, I've found
that the package management isn't that much different to that in YaST.

I've looked at a few others. I have Knoppix and Kubuntu, both as live
CDs for use when something major goes wrong on someones system and I'm
asked to give them a hand. I also have Insert, another live CD, which I
use when dealing with a Windows systems that broke the NTFS file-system
badly enough to be unable to boot. Luckily, I've only had to actually
use it once, but I can say that the ntfs-3g driver does work.

Looking at the ones I've tried, as someone with minor requirements, the
(KDE) desktops were almost identical and they could probably use any of
those I've tried and find only very minor differences. The applications
are almost identical, as are the desktops. There may be a few
differences in menu structure, but these aren't really that bad.

Those of us that use a
Linux distribution know the benefits of doing so, and that's what we
should be expressing! Otherwise Bill Gates will just continue to stand
on his mountain, laughing at us, all while raking in the billions.

So? I am not in it to bring Windows down. I am in it to have the best OS

Some people are in it to "try and bring Windows down." All it is to them
is an OS war, and OS wars aren't ever going to stop. I remember the
Spectrum vs C64 feuding. The same happened again with the Amiga and ST,
both of which are now niche systems.

At the moment the major "feud" appears to be Windows vs Linux, with the
MacOS and *BSD users watching from the sidelines and grinning at what's
going on. At some point in the future, these are going to be replaced
and then the "feud" will start all over again.

Because we as community can't even come to one consensus, and that
being, "Almost any distribution will do what the average computer user
wants, or, needs to do."

Again, why should this be a bad thing? If all people would agree with
everything and be one happy-happy-joy-joy bunch, nothing would be done
and perhaps we would have one Linux distribution.

If everyone agreed, we wouldn't even have Linux. It only exists because
basically Linus wasn't happy with Windows and did something about it.

Forking distributions is the natural way. Not agreeing is also pretty
normal. I will become worried if that DOESN'T happen.

Have you been thinking about a HoughiOS v1.0? :-)

David Bolt

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