Re: Remote connection from Windows?

flarosa wrote:

<please do not toppost>

This is interesting - it works, in the sense that I can start a
particular program from the command line and have it appear as a

However, what I'd really like to do is log in and see the whole
desktop. Is this possible?

Yes. First I sell you what I do. I just run putty from my windows box
and thendo all over CLI. Just as powerfull.
OTOH there also is FreeNX that you can install on your Linux machine.
That is available from openSUSE.

Then on your Winders machine, you install the client:

If you want to use NX instead of freeNX, you need to add Packman. I have
NO idea what the difference is.

This does not 'take over' an existing desktop. It will just create a new
one. I know software like that exists for Linux, yet I have forgotten
how it was called.

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