Re: SUSE10.2 on 2nd Drive - Windows always boots

jjk schreef:

I added a 2nd drive to a winxp system partitioned as 20G fat (for a
shared partition), 1G swap 237G for linux.
Suse 10.2 installed on the 2nd drive fine, but when I reboot the system
it boots into windows without coming up to the grub menu. I can boot
from the SUSE cd and then boot linux that's on my 2nd drive which works

Yast->system->boot loader settings show
openSUSE 10.2 on /dev/hdb2 (default is checked)
Windows on /dev/hda1

I also tried rewriting the MBR using yast's "Restore MBR of Hard Disk"
which reports it wrote to /dev/hda.

Does anyone have recommendations as to how I can fix this?



I assume you using grub. Fix grub with your instalation cd and install
it on the first disk

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