Re: Can suse 10.1, kde, firefox user please try this site...

Toe Dipper wrote:

Hi all,

Have posted this on other groups but it's all windows and mac users
replying that it's ok so need some Suse heads to try.

Suse Linux 10.1, Kde, Firefox

Whenever I visit this site it causes firefox to
crash with no warning or error.

When I try an open it again I get the 'your previous session closed
unexpectantly, restore or new session etc etc' message

Sometime it happens when loading the index page for the site, sometimes
I can navigate around the menus on left hand side and then it crashes.

But it *always* crashes.

It works ok in opera on Linux and it works ok on Firefox on Windows XP.

Any ideas?



SUSe 10.0, KDE, Firefox no problem.

Gruß Matze