Re: SuSE 10 vs 10.1

Hi there,

houghi wrote:
Chris Wilkinson wrote:

Which GUI do you use - KDE or Gnome? In KDE you can just
click on a tar.gz file and treat it like a directory in
Konqueror, by copying and pasting.

It depends on what must be done after it.

Quite right, and for the purpose of extracting the tar.gz file
to your home dir or somewhere its perfect - just click on the
tar.gz, then right-click on the contents of the tar.gz and use
'Copy to...'

Very simple, and almost foolproof in my experience...

It annoys me when Linux
die-hards suggest commandline this and that, when the KDE
Konqueror file manager does the job in a much simpler way,
for things like extracting tar.gz files

It annoys me when KDE die-hards suggest Konqueror, when many other tools
wil do the job as well. I personaly use the CLI because at that moment I
will most likely need to do `./configure && make && checkinstall`

Now try to explain CLI methods to a newbie who has come from the
Mac or Windows world. Its a sure fire way to scare them back to
where they came from.

All I'm trying to do is suggest something a little more easy to
accomplish for a newbie, because I sometimes see that newbies
asking for help get into an even worse muddle because the CLI
based solutions are too much to get their heads around.

I personaly also however use, because it is much
easier then to remember all the extentions.

Also what I use is `mc` on CLI to go into files (even RPM files). That
is MUCH easier to use then any GUI file manager I have seen and I guess
I have tried them all.

The big advantage over CLI is obviously that it will provide an
errormessage that you can work with. Especialy when it doesn't work as
intended, like the OP has happening to him (although we have no idea to
be sure)

The reason Linux die-hards recomend the CLI for those cases is that you
see what is going wrong right away. With GUI you won't always. As long
as there is no problem, all is well. The moment you encounter a problem,
the CLI will tell you and that will make it much easier to correct the

That will save time and tedious looking for solutions. No, I am not a
CLI zelot. In fact I like the GUI so much that I have several thousand
backgrounds, post them and also am working on a script to make
backrounds easier and better looking.

I don't mind the CLI, but I'd rather use a more intuitive graphical
tool if I can. Konqueror suits me fine for extracting archives, and
I find it very much quicker and easier than using the CLI. If I can
I will recommend a GUI tool over a CLI one if the person asking for
help is a newbie.

Kind regards,

Chris Wilkinson, Brisbane, Australia.
"Maybe politicians should ask the people whether
or not they wanted all these wars"...