Re: New user

jean-luc wrote:
Congratulations, saying so you discourage anyone to switch to Linux from

They should do so because THEY want to, not because I want them to.

You objectively are a friend of Bill Gates.

No. Indifferent to the person.

It is possible to use Linux without never using the command line, if you
install Suse (or Fedora or Mandriva) on HD.
For installing programs it is sufficient to use a packet manager, for
instance (in Suse) Smart.
Download from:
these files:
smart gui
smart addons
right click on every file:
Install with Yast
Now open Smart and install programs you want. Before you must download
programs by Smart and then install them by this packet manager.
It is better not installing programs you downloaded without Smart.
It is simple.

Also easy to install Smart that comes with openSUSE already.


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