Re: 10.1 updates

noi wrote:
Thanks. Really not sure what happened with the updates but I know I don't
like zmd. I'll dl the remastered and probably reinstall sometime after

I have no real experience with zmd and I don't use it.

But, IIUC, 10.1 remastered is preferred to 10.2?

Why would that be? 10.1 remsterd (and what is online now) is just a
standard 10.1 with uodates till a certain period. Wether you install the
original 10.1, then do a YOU or install a remasterd 10.1 and then do a
YOU, you end iup with the same system.

10.1 also has a little shorter (8 months) shelflife then 10.2 and is 8
months of development older.

You tried, and you failed, so the lesson is, never try. - Homer J. Simpson.

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