10.2 boot problems after nvidia driver install


After reading an article about driver installatation for nvidia cards I now
can't get passed a "dos" like login screen after rebooting.

I did this after a fresh install of 10.2 on a new computer:

"I installed:


su -

modprobe nvidia

Close all open programs, then press Ctrl-Alt-Backspace to restart the X.org
server. You should now have hardware 3D acceleration".

After that I get the following error after trying the "startx" command:

error inserting nvidia (/lib/modules/
no such device
(EE) nvidia(0):failed to load the nvidia kernel module
(EE) nvidia(0) aborting
(EE) nvidia(0) screens found, but non have a usable cfg.
Fatal server error: noo screens found
XIO: fatal io error 104

How do I solve thi sso I can get the GUI again?



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