Re: Is apt dead in suse?

Darrell Stec <darrell_stec@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
After serious contemplation, on or about Thursday 01 March 2007 4:37 pm
Paul J Gans perhaps from gans@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

P Hinkle <peterh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
What I miss though, is a big restructering in the total mess of the
repo's. Look at
You have to include to many sources/repo's to have a bleeding edge
configuration and to many investigation to do which packages are
included or are affected.
It should be restructered according to the groupings in Yast, which
is amusement, development, documentation, hardware, multimedia,
productivity, misc and system.
Or going to a path like Debian and followers do:
- main stable tree (official release) with fixes for bugs and
security - testing tree with the latest packages ready to be
included in the next release
- development tree for the developers.

Agreed. Your point is exactly why I was asking for someone's
functional yet fairly complete list. Right now, there seems to be just
a big cluster of repos for YaST or Yum in opensuse with no rhyme nor
reason to them. I mean, some of them are obvious but it would be
really handy if there was a list of exactly which repos one needs to
include in SmartPMs configs in order to have everything pertinent. If
a list exists, it must be hiding from google fairly well. If someone
does know of one, PLEASE post an address so i can go grab it.
The other thing about all of the current PM's in SuSE is time. What
the heck is going on with Yast taking a month of Sundays to reload
it's repos everytime you want to install a single file; God forbid a
major update. Yet another wonderful thing about apt; you want a single
package, one short command line and even if you have it set to run
SuSEconfig, you were ready to go in about 30 seconds. I'm sure I'll
get used to smart if that is what SuSE is going with but it might take
some getting used to. //p

It seems that the entire index of the entire repository is
checked for new material even if you have requested a specific

That's wrong behavior and the wrong behavior is in the local
application on your computer,not the repository.

Of course it is wrong on my computer as well and on all the other
computers too.

By the way, IIRC, Yast in 10.0 does exactly the same thing to the
point where I removed other repositories from my list and put
the installation DVD contents directly onto my hard drive. No
more waiting for me.

Doesn't shutting off Refresh in the Source Installation module speed
things up? My Suse 10.0 works really fast when I do that, except to
want to upgrade KMyMoney to the CVS 9 version for dependancy errors but
doing that breaks kMyMoney on my machine. So I tell it to ignore the
inconsistencies and everything seem to work properly.

I think that's right. But what I said is still true. We
are dealing with computers here, not simple mechanical

If you request a specific file, you should get the specific
file. If you don't, you should get refreshed and a full view.

--- Paul J. Gans