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David Bolt wrote:

On Fri, 2 Mar 2007, left_coast <no@xxxxx> wrote:-

m@iden wrote:

M, if your post was to test if you could post to alt.os.linux.suse,
welcome, the test was indeed a SUCCESS.

Yes it was, although it would have been much better if said test post
was a real post, either in reply to someone else, or a new on-topic
thread[0], rather than a test post.

Please do not listen to the liars that claim
if failed. There is NO REQUIREMENT that test groups be used for anything.

In that case, why do they exist?

Why do ANY of the groups exist? There are very few IF ANY groups that are
REQUIRED. They exist because they were ADDED but there is still no
REQUIREMENT that test post be posted to test groups.

Maybe, just possibly, they exist so
that people can make test posts without cluttering up other groups with
test posts?

So people, as you say "CAN", that is NOT a REQUIREMENT. There is no
obligation other than etiquette to use the test group for test posts.

And following your line of thinking, if I were to ever visit you, you
wouldn't mind if I was to take a dump in your kitchen sink.

A test post is the same as sanitation? There are indeed specific laws in
many countries as to how to deal with human waist, you analogy is
pathetically inadequate. A better analogy would be eating your salad with
the wrong fork, you have made a breach of etiquette but you have still
successfully eaten the salad. When takes a RATIONAL look at the severity of
the breach of etiquette, one sees that you are blowing sand out of your
ass. What you are doing is saying that someone that jaywalks is as bad as
someone that murders someone because they both break the law. You do not
account for the severity of the breach of etiquette. Taking a dump in
someones sink is not the same severity of breach of etiquette as eating
with the wrong fork. Posting a test message is not the same telling LIES.

After all,
there's no requirement that the toilet be used for anything.

There are laws governing disposal of human waist. There is also the concept
of severity of the infraction that you conveniently ignore. Your logic
would have everyone guilty of jaywalking sent to death-row as punishment.

That said, it is considered POLITE (and this is a question of etiquette
and not a technical one) to post test messages to test groups.

At one point in time, people were expected to be polite. Apparently that
is no longer the case.

I expect people to be polite, that is why I expect people not to lie about
test posts. That is why I expect them to be rational about the SEVERITY of
the infraction and not compare eating with the wrong fork to shitting in
the sink and thinking they are the same level of severity of issue.

[0] Which the OP did in fact do when he asked about making a kernel.

Guess you are saying that two wrongs makes a right, eh?

David Bolt