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left_coast wrote:
David Bolt wrote:

On Tue, 6 Mar 2007, left_coast <no@xxxxx> wrote:-


Why do ANY of the groups exist?
So you can post relevant, on-topic posts to them.

Untill you can show an RFC that states there is a requirement to post test
messages to test groups, there simply no REQUIREMENT.

The simple FACT is it is only an issue of ETIQUITE and all your whining does
not change the fact.

Actually, the word you are after is NETIQUETTE. Netiquette is basically just good manners.... the fact that you don't want to practice it.... well, that says more about you than any RFC that may or may not exist!

Now, go shit in your sink.

Were you the one who said "Ahhh, can't actually address the point so you insult"? If the cap fits....