Re: SuSE 10.2 -- Wrong sound card

Jess Jackson schrieb:

I did not catch the error but for whatever reason, SuSE installed it as
a Sound Blaster Audigy LS card using module snd-ca0106.

That's perfectly correct. Both cards use the same driver. See

So I tried "add" in YAST's sound module. I tried to add a SB
Live/PCI512/E-mu APS (the only "Live" card in my list of Creative Lab
cards. After a few seconds it gives an error message which reads "The
kernel module snd-emu10k1 for sound support could not be loaded. This
can be caused by incorrect module parameters, including invalid IO or
IRQ parameters."

That's because the SB Live and the SB Live 24 are completely different
cards. Vendor names are made up by marketing people and they are no help in
any technical sense.

If you have problems with sound playback, I would encourage to test a little
more before misconfiguring the whole system to death. Remove all the
settings you made and let YaST detect the sound card again. Then (on a
terminal window, e.g. "konsole")

$ speaker-test -c2

Do you hear pink noise? Do you get any error messages?

Kind regards



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