Re: openSUSE 10.2 32 vs 64 ACPI?

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Bill wrote:

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Does anyone know why my AMD Athlon X2 4200+ can boot openSUSE 10.2
without any addition boot options, but openSUSE 10.2 64bit requires


Because it has nothing to do with your processor and everything to do
with your motherboard, which you didn't mention.


It's a Dell rebranded motherboard. nVidia chipset I believe. The system is a
Dell E521.

Though, I'm not sure why that matters in this case.

Because ACPI is implemented by the motherboard, not the processor.

With the same computer,
10.2 64bit requires acpi=noirq (or pci=noacpi as I have found out recently)
AND 10.2 32bit does not require that at all.

pci=noacpi ? What cards do you have plugged into the pci buss? IF
any, have you tried removing them and resetting to acpi on?

Without knowing the exact reason for this, it appears to me that ACPI in
64bit is not working as well as ACPI in 32bit?

That's entirely possible.

Isn't the 64bit kernel the
same as the 32bit kernel if they have the same version numbers?

If they were exactly the same, one wouldn't be 64bit and the other
32bit. Dell may have done something proprietary with the motherboard
that causes this situation. You'ld have to ask a kernel expert for the
differences, which I'm not. I just know enough to know that ACPI is
done by the motherboard, not the processor.

10.2 installed on two MB using AMD64 X2 processors and no ACPI

Asus A8N32 SLI Deluxe
Abit AV8 Deluxe 2.0

Just took a look at the specs for the Dell E521. NForce 430 chipset.
If you have the SoundBlaster Xfi Xtreme Music option installed; my wild
assed guess is that's your problem. Creative sound cards don't play
well with 64bit Vista or 64bit Windows XP, I don't see why they would
play any better with 64bit Linux, but that's just a guess.

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