Re: Clock Problem?

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Paul J Gans wrote:
gaedhealic <gaedhealic@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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Rajko M. wrote:
gaedhealic wrote:

I'll try the boot parameters... noapictimer
(although I've got ACPI=off now)
Be careful with acpi and apic :-)

ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface)
parameter: noacpi or acpi=off

APIC Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller.
parameter: noapic or acpi=off

The timer is speeding because of interrupt problems, so parameter is

Thanks, Rajko,,,,,, I'm laughing my silly nubee head off... 'cus I've
been thinking I can't spell and I can't read too good either...

Actually, it's true... so why am I laughing.... :-(
I guess knowing one is a nubee and *suspecting* one is a dummie is more
frustrating than finding out for sure? Has anyone ever said, "Humble pie
taste bitter, but it is food for the soul"? If not, you can quote me.


O.K., I've tried no_timer_check on the boot command line, and no change
in the fast clock

I've tried "noapictimer" on the boot command line, and no change in the
fast clock...

Now I'm off to see about two things
a) find out what I can about a bios flash for this system
(that has to be done in windoz)
b) repair the dummie at the kybd problem....

somehow I suspect a) may be easier than b)

Whatever, I want to thank you,
Rajko, Unruh, Paul J Gans, Will Honea and Birre,
who responded to this nubees plight...

may you never see the error message
"insert boot disk and press any key"

Please do not apologize. We have ALL had strange problems
at one time or anothere. I still can't get a truly stable
10.2 installation although what I've got is "good enough".

Yes... I admit I'll take this to anything i've tried...

And in my career I've had many strange disasters. I had a
computer a while back on which I could NEVER get the sound
working, even if I put on my witch doctor suit and danced
around it.

This newsgroup exists so that we can help each other.

thanks for yr comments, Paul...
Ummmm. speaking of a "witch doctor suit"....

I jus went ahead and did the "flash the bios" dance with fire and

Now, mind ya.... I've heard stories that one should only flash the bios
as the last resort... before sending cash to the Microcash outlet...

One story has it that the best way to flash the bios it with a large jug
of coffee and a dozen twinkies...

The other side of that story is that the ONLY way is with a LARGE bottle
of wine --- shut the doors and admit NO visitors...

Of course, disconnecting the Bus/com2/DSL/LAN/Door bell is helpful, as
is shutting down all programs like MSN Messenger/Yahoo/ICQ/Anti-virus
etc/etc/etc and so on ad infinitum...telephone/fax door bell (did I
mention the door bell?)

Then there is the smaller community who state that the 44 magnum and a
dark room is the answer...

Well. I subscribe to the 44 mag/dark room faction... My granmaw could
put lead in a squirrel's eye at a hunnert yards -- both at a dead run...
my grand pappy never gave granmaw no lip, cept'n lip service.

My dad said I took after my ma's ma... if I can see it i can put lead in
it... knock on my door when I'm flashing the bios and I'll lose 4 toward
the door...

Damn -- ya know you do a bios flash ya got to reset ALL the selections
in bios?

Ya know Wondoz don't like that shot (ship) (shut) (chap) (what *IS* that

Now it take windoz a L-----o-----n-----g time to boooooooooooooot

Oh, well, hill,
What was I DOIN when I bought that first damn computer?
I guess if I can't take a joke I should'a never joined....

O.K., I've got to test the results of flashing my bios....

nubee here, singing off

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