Re: Opera on suse 10.2 media problems

google01013 wrote:
On Fri, 27 Apr 2007 15:15:14 -0400, toedipper
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Hi all,

I posted this on Opera linux newsgroup but there seems to be tumbleweed
over there.

Suse 10.2, Opera 9.2 build 638

Can anyone tell me how to get opera to play the media on this page?

If you go to

and then on left hand side click on Commentaries link. A window pops up
and it should have a media control at the bottom which plays the
streaming audio.

The window pops up ok in Opera but I don't get any audio.

It plays ok in Firefox using the mplayer plugin, is there anything
equivalent for Opera under linux?



Maybe it's not that they're "tumbleweeds" may be they figure this is
just a form of SPAM to get traffic to a gambling site

--OpenSuse 10.2 x64, KDE 3.5, Opera 9.x weekly

not at all google

search my name and you will see that I have posted on this group here
many a times.

how dare you!