Re: Optical Mouse Hangs (Suse 10.2)

houghi wrote:

Erik Neun wrote:
Same problem here (SUSE 10.2 64bit; Dell Dimension S521). Everything
works fine until without any specific action the mouse hangs. Unplug and
re-plug of the mouse helps but is anoying. I've tried Kubuntu 7.04 64 bit
on another partition. Same problem (only the re-plug trick dosn't work
under Kubuntu) - hence I thought this might be a problem of theis
specific computer.
Unforunately this computer dosn't have a PS2 port any more...

Long shot, try another USB port.


that's the first thing I did - same problem for all front and rear ports.
After some googling I found out that the problem may be related to the BIOS.
I just updated the BIOS - let's cross fingers that this has solved the