Re: Is AppArmor really necessary?

"houghi" <houghi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Pat Kelecy wrote:
I thought Linux was fairly immune to viruses, malware, and other exploits
(which, as I understand it, are mainly targeted at MS software). So is
really that necessary, particularly for a home user? If not, can it be
uninstalled without causing other problems?

I don't use it. As I have never used it, I have no idea what the
advantages might be if you do. To me my firewall is good enough.

Those are my thoughts also (about the firewall, that is). I just wanted to
make sure removing it wouldn't break something else (wasn't sure how tightly
it's integrated with the OS). But now that I think about it, Yast probably
wouldn't let me if it was really that critical.