Re: Is AppArmor really necessary?

Ysgrifennodd Baron:

I am using SuSE 10.0 at the moment and have not had any such issue
with "AppArmor" !! I thought that you were supposed to use the
examples as templates to create your own profiles......Mmm

Heh! Dunno. I'm just a thicko programmer. But I promise you I did nothing to annoy it. I know I'm a lousy admin, so I leave all this sort of stuff well alone. It still jumped up and bit me, though.

However, I got lots of help and it seems to have quietened down somewhat of late.

And please don't think I'm knocking it. I'm not really. I think Novell made a mistake including it in 10.0, before they'd got it fully sorted out. But we all make mistakes: and this one not that big a deal. If I could get it sorted (with help) then it couldn't have been all that hard.

Now I know what it is, and where to look, I don't have a problem with it.