Re: Is AppArmor really necessary?

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Baron wrote:
To be honest, I think Novell is shooting at its own foot at the
moment !

as openSUSe is open, why not join the factory mailinglist,

Have you a link for this ?

get betatesting and tell them what solutions and alternatives you
have. Also ideas on how it could or should be can become
NOT participating is shooting yourself in the foot when things go in
another direction.

Whilst I agree with your sentiments, my comment was made on the basis
that I support 100+ clients ! SuSE 10.1 and 10.2 created so many
issues that I decline to recommend those versions to new clients.

And yes, they do listen.

Of that I have no doubt. I am also aware that it takes time for errors
to be rectified and changes to be implemented. Novell need time to
adjust to the adsorbtion of SuSE and two releases are probably not
long enough ! Plus the tie up with M$ muddying the waters somewhat,
putting Novell/SuSE Linux in an awkward position.

They are not mean people. They do listen and often have
argumentation if they do or do not want to include something.


Businesses the size of Novell cannot afford not to listen to their
customers ! Whilst "Open SuSE" is open, Novell cannot afford to
alienate the OS community either. I think trying to emulate
"Redhat's" business model is probably not the right way to go !

I think Netware is slowly becoming history and Linux is the way to
go ! Novell's problem is creating the bridge between the two whilst
maintaining a revenue stream !

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