Re: Linux and Hard Drives with Partitions Help Needed

houghi wrote:
aRu wrote:
I have tried google and I have not been able to find a simple answer...

Oh, but there is.

Okay, so, I am still a linux newbie

No problem

I am trying to install another distro

And here is the easy answer: Don't.

Seriously, stick with one distribution, till you have masterd that.
Having more then one distribution will confuse you. And unless you are a
more experienced user AND are into developing distributions/software,
there is no real need.

Obviously several people will cry fault when I say that, because they
have masterd to have 27, or so, distributions installed on their 286.

But best is to learn one distribution good and then you will know what
to do and what is what. This will make learning the second distribution
a lot more likable and enjoyable.

Wether this distribution is openSUSE or something else is irrelevant.

Should you look at other distributions? Absolutely, but not if you are a
newbie. Concentrate on learning a lot more and then go with another,
learn that. Also at least give a distribution 2 months of your time,
menaing no dualbooting into anything else and then see how it goes.

So, yes, there is an easy answer, but knowing human nature, you won't
like the answer and go ahead and try out many more distributions and as
a result take much more time to learn Linux.


You make a valid point. Curiosity got the better of me with the talk of Feisty Fawn (Ubuntu 7.04) and I wanted to check it out. Perhaps waiting -to install another distro- would be the most appropriate decision to make. Would you recommend any books to assist in learning about linux?


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