Re: Samba smb.conf Example for Linux Work Station in a Windows Domain

"Jan Gerrit Kootstra" <jan.gerrit@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
pestocat wrote:
I'm looking for an example of a smb.conf file for a Linux work station
running Suse 10.2 in a Windows domain. I want to be able to connect to
printers in the Windows domain. The Linux box will not be used for a
server, at least for printers. Is there an example of a smb.conf file
that I could use to configure for printing in the network. I've looked at
Samba-By Example.pdf but don't see what I need.
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smb.conf is a server configuration, not a client configuration file.

Just use yast to configure printers, where you can use samba as the
printing protocol.

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Jan Gerrit Kootstra

Is there anything I need to do in the Samba setup. Is everything disabled
and then use Yast to set up the printer.
Thank you