Re: netpbm Graphics Converten

Hi John

AFAIK its still a CLI mode pgm only. ie run it in a terminal box.

Note also that netpbm as a program doesnt actually exist. It is a
collection of pgms in /usr/bin, eg /usr/bin/pbmtoepson. There are man
pages for the individual programs.

Have a look at /usr/share/doc/packages/netpbm and the associated doc
directory on how to use it..

It is great for processing lots of images through a shell script and
accepts pipes like you wouldn't believe!

Cheers Bob

John Bowling wrote:

Per Yast and software management, netpbm and libnetpbm are installed on
my system (10.2) [blue check mark]. It does not show up in the KDE menu
under graphics (or anywhere else) and typing netpbm into a terminal in
user or su mode it cannot find it. It's not present in /bin or /sbin.
Also there is no man page.