Re: New Scanner

Zach wrote:

Just purchased/connected a new HP F380 printer/scanner/copier to my SuSE
10.2 machine but can't get the scanner to work. The printer portion works
great and it goes through the motions of connecting the scanner (there is
driver for it) but the tests always fail. It comes back w/ an error
Sane is not installed, which it is. Is this just a case of a
multi-function printer not working regardless of the configuring or is
there a workaround for it? I read the notices about using HP all purpose
printers but it sounded like it *should* work. Any pointers/information
appreciated. Thanks!

I'm afraid that there is no support for this model, but ask on the sane
mailing list, because there will be people who could perhaps help. Send
complaints to hewlett packard. They should provide drivers for linux.