Re: Using suse linux as a wireless gateway

Vlad_Inhaler wrote:

On May 25, 12:22 am, mike sconyers <mikesco...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello there linux lovers.....

I have a question.. Is it possible to use this o/s
as a wireless gateway.. I am using suse 10.1
and I am connected to the internet via a wireless
adapter and access point. On my rig I have a NIC card
and I was just wondering if it was possible.

I want to connect a game console with out buying
additional equipment... Ya!! Dig........:)

Now I have experience with writing scripts and
I have experience with router configs.

I have a Linux machine with two network cards (not wireless).

In the SuSEfirewall config (using YaST) one of them is on the internal
network, the other on the external network. IP forwarding is turned
on. The Linux machine runs as a DHCP (giving out IP addresses) and
DNS server (bind, caching only) for the internal network. Other
machines on the internal network access the Internet via the Linux
I am not sure if all of this (in particular the bind caching name
server) is necessary but it works fine.

The other firewall settings are to block everything on the external
network and to allow everything on the internal network.

Running squid as an http proxy would be more secure but I never got
around to setting it up.

I see no reason why that should not work for you, with the WLAN
defined as 'DMZ'.

I have tried your suggestion and still no luck
So far I installed dhcp server and configured it
for a private ip scheme and using the ip scheme of
my router. still it does not give out ip addresses.
and further it will not bind with the wireless card
I am still open for more ideas.