Re: Eliminating "require password" after inactivity

On Sun, 03 Jun 2007 22:16:32 -0400, Jess Jackson wrote:

I created a new user. This account acted normal in terms of the screen
saver and requiring a password. Clearly it is not a system-wide problem
but somehow something in the one accounts KDE setting are corrupted.

So, I tried the backup and delete the .kde folder. That fixed it. Rather
than move all the old .KDE back, I am just going to restore the details as
needed for things like kabc, kontact, and kpilot which I use regularly.

Good. You might already know this but I thought I'd mention it just in

Your old .kde directory can be used as a reference for stuff you keep
around and depend on. In my case kalarm, kate preferences, color scheme
and just a few others are the main ones I need.

So actually you don't have to rebuild the entire thing.

What probably happened is you had a power loss or a bad shutdown. Over
the last 2-3 years I've noticed that often if you crash while running
KDE you will lose some or all of your settings. The KDE crashes are
infrequent but when it does settings loss occurs about 20-30% of the

I try to remember to backup to another partition


Twice a week. Normally these three contain 90% of your settings.
Doing this makes restoration quick.

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