Re: openSUSE 10.3 Alpha 5 released

houghi wrote:
houghi wrote:
All download is 8 CD's. There are also 1CD installs for KDE and GNOME
and also an installation from Windows.

For the last three testers are wanted and needed. Please read the above
URL with the complete anouncement.

Understand that this is Alpha and should be handled as such. After
testing, feedback to bugzilla please.

I was unable to run the 1CD installation under Parallels. Have not tried
it with an ISO.

Also now the network recognision is at the very beginning. That has
changed. I also saw no seperate /home, but that might be because I only
had 7.8GB available.

Default KDE needs CD 1-3+5 Only 41 packages from CD3 and 21 from 5.

At this moment it is installing and I am going to sleep a bit.


I wait with bated breath on something approaching a stable release
candidate. I don't mind beta bits but alpha is just a little too nerve