Suse Equivalent of rc.local

I am trying to have a simple script to execute a static arp table
every time the computer boot up.

In Madriva, I did this by adding the following to the rc.local file
/sbin/arp -a 00:40:b0:c1:f6:c1
/sbin/arp -a 00:b4:c8:f1:d0:e6

In suse 10.2, the nearest thing I can find to rc.local is

When I add the entries to this file and reboot, I check the arp table
by opening a konsole box and typing /sbin/arp-a

It fails every time. I then noticed that I can't add static arp
entries even from the console unless I su to root first.

In Madriva, this was a simple task, but I find myself frustrated by
Suse. I like Suse 10.2, and would rather stick with it. Does anyone
know how I can accomplish this in Suse 10.2?