Re: Suse Equivalent of rc.local

On Mon, 18 Jun 2007 12:41:29 +0200, birre <spamtrap@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

On 2007-06-15 21:29, meuban@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

I looked at /etc/ethers. It appears to be what I am after. I
therefore added the ethernet address and corresponding IPs into
/etc/ethers. When I reboot and run /sbin/arp -a, the static arp
entries are still not showing up. I am not sure I understand the
purpose of /etc/ethers.

I don't understand it either, since I have no problem when all my devices
get IP from dhcp, and have fixed address from their mac address.
I was checking rarp, but this was obsoleted , so suse do it some other way.

What if you just ping the host, don't you get it added in the arp table ?


Yes, if I ping a host it always shows up in the arp table. What I am
trying to accomplish by establishing a static arp table upon boot up
is security. That is, with a static arp table established, it
prevents someone from poisoning the arp table (a way of ip

Thanks for taking the time to help.

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