Re: Add Vista in a triple boot?

On Fri, 22 Jun 2007 15:37:18 -0400, Pat wrote:

Once Vista installs itself, I think it will overwrite the Grub boot
loader, so I'll lose my ability to run SUSE (on hdb). Is that correct

Reinstall grub on / (your Linux partitioon with /boot

Install it in the MBR *after* all the install is done. Scan the
partitions and add the bootable ones.

BTW, I would not let Vista do anything to my HD as it might just nuke
Linux altogether. Are you able to prepartition it? I have two machines.

I prepartitioned.
All lilo's reside on / for each distro Smart Boot Loader is on both

No problems ever even when I delete a Linux distro and add another.

Can't Yast prepartition? I thought I read somewhere it could.

I suppose it can but I use Partition Magic and ext2 (or ext3). It's the
only app I've found for resizing and making partition that fully
handles any Linux or windoze "quirks".

But the standard suggestion is to use Linux tools for linux filesystems
(Like GParted) and 'doze tools for FAT and NTFS. GParted will do an OK
job on those but introduces some no-fatal errors into the partition
table and partition boot records.

Why I use PMagic is based on two things - Mostly is because I've used it
over a hundred times at least sucessfully. Two, I don't trust disto
partition tools. Sometimes they work perfectly but have been known to
make a mess of things also. This is no insuly to yast tools - It's
simply my preference to use what I know will work.

I'm starting to reconsider doing this though. Apparently MS doesn't have
a free, installable, demo copy of Vista (only a virtualized one), and I
don't really want to buy a copy just for this. I can't imagine that's
good for business though (probably good for Linux). I guess they must be
pretty confident of their lock on the market.

They'd have to pay me to test that Alpha

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