Re: multimedia

Vahis wrote:
houghi wrote:
s. keeling wrote:
"Switching from Windows to Linux is like switching from a car to a

In that case I rather go back to using Windows.


I was almost sure that you would come up with some
comparison/metaphor where the motorbike would be beer :)

No, beer is something good. Also to me motorbikes are more like Windows
then like Linux.
They look cool, yet when you actualy use it, you notice its limitations.
It lacks stability a LOT. In fact so much that you must work on the
stability all the time, otherwise you crash and when you crash, it will
be severe.
It is fun, but not functional in almost any case. It is not realy build
for more then one person. It is more about image and show then anything

A car is build for functionality. Each car has its own purpose. From
small to capable carying several people otr many tons. They do not fall
over without a reason¹.

Windows and Harleys are made by Americans. Linux and Volvo by Swedish
speaking people. Coincidence? I think not. Give me the choice between
any Harley and a Volvo XC90 and I will pick the Volvo each and every

Personally, I think most sports fans are a little "gay". They'd
rather watch a bunch of sweaty guys jumping all over eachother,
than, say fashion TV - where hot models walk down the runway.