Re: 10.2 partitioning. Sucks!

Hans-Peter Diettrich <DrDiettrich1@xxxxxxx>:
Rajko M. wrote:

If you managed SUSE Linux 10.1 than openSUSE 10.2 should be a cake walk.
The Expert Partitioning:
- will list swap and all other partitions,
- will obey limits that you set
so I don't know what you call expert mode. There are 2 other choices based
on YaST proposal, that are not expert mode.

I also had problems with the partitioning. It looked to me as if the
swap partition must be "formatted" somehow, before SuSE can use it. At

Our swap ptn was already "formatted". It's the same swap ptn used by
the other two Linuxes on the box, and it was the swap ptn the
installer was using at the time. However, it was never mentioned in
the list of existing ptns, despite the fact that the installer was
already using it.

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