Grub problems

I'm having a problem getting Grub set up after some changes.

The machine I was working with is an older Celeron with 2 drives. Drive 0
(sda) has PCDOS, Win2K, and a couple of version of OS/2 installed. Drive 1
(sdb) is a 100g Maxtor I use strictly for Linux. It had openSuse 10.2 and
Ubumtu installed on it with 2 free 15g unused partitions. Boot selection
uses the OS/2 Boot Manager on drive 0.

Here's the sequence that got me in trouble. I had a working copy of
openSuse 10.2 on drive 1, sdb6 and sdb7. I had all sorts of hassles
getting that installed primarily due to issues revolving around the 82810
onboard video so I wanted to see just what happened with 10.3 - the latest
alpha CD release. Similar problems installing but improved performance
after installation and configuration - but that's another post. Since I
had to use the text install, I (of course) screwed up the 10.3 Grub install
and let it install to the MBR instead of the root partition. No problem -
use the 10.3 Yast to re-install Grub to the root partition of the 10.3
installation and restore the MBR to re-activate the Boot Manager. Worked
as advertised and all th boot options worked as expected - DOS, Win, OS/2,
Ubuntu, openSuse 10.2 and 10.3 all available. Then I messed things up....

Booted to 10.2, I decided to clean up the 10.2 Grub and add 10.3 as a boot
option under Grub to simplify initial boot options - the menus were getting
pretty long. Using the Yast functions, I edited the 10.2 Grub options the
way I wanted them, checked to be sure it was writing to the root partition
where it was originally, and finished out. For some reason, I now have 2
Grub configurations for that particular partitions. If I try to boot
directly to the sdb7 (root) partition, I get a Grub menu with 3 items,
When I try and edit Grub from Yast, the menu of items it sees has 7
entries - and completing the Grub install will NOT update that
instalation - if I re-run the Yast operation, it reads in the same
configuration that it did the first time with none of the changes I just
made and bearing no relation to the menu I see on bootup. WTF???

Further info. If I use the "suggest new configuration" option to get a new
basic list, the suggested line for the 10.2 option now contains only the
single option "root=" with no parameters. The original line has a blank
option for "imgage=" and "initrd=", the save and re-scanned line drops even

What file(s) do I need to edit to get this straightened out?

Will Honea