Re: Install from .tar.gz

On Sun, 19 Aug 2007, Hans-Peter Diettrich wrote:-

David Bolt wrote:

Before using the routine described above, please ask your WWW search engine
for "rpm programm", maybe there exist RPM's of your program for your
Good idea. It's quite likely that you'll find someone has built it,
unless it's a really specialized piece of software that almost no-one
but the author is likely to use.

You know Lazarus? ;-)

You sure you don't mean Icarus?

There are many programs and libraries, which I would like to test, for
which no packages but source archives exist.

All the more reason to look and see if a spec file is inside the
archive. If there is, it makes removing the packages a lot easier than
if you use the make/make install.

David Bolt

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