Re: GRUB madness [Error 21] !!

akarui.tomodachi@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

With a great help from this community, OpenSuse 10.2 was successfully
installed on my PC.
Thanks everyone for extending help in resolving the CD1's boot

Now, I have the famous "GRUB madness" to boot the Open SuSe 10.2. Here
are some details:

After restart, my PC doesn't boot up (neither Suse nor Windows). I get
the following error:

Grub Loading Stage 1.5
Grub Loading please wait....
Error 21

After a little googling, I now understand that, Error 21 means "Can
not find disk".

But I could start the installed OpenSuSE from the CD1 (selecting, boot
from installed).

My PC has dual HDDs as below:
1) HDD1 (as primary) is a 8GB, NTFS for Windows 2000 Professional
2) HDD2 (as secondary) is a 120 GB with partitions (made by magic
2.1) Partition-1: 90 GB, NTFS for Windows 2000 Professional
2.2) Partition-2: 30 GB, ext3 for Linux (Suse 10.2)

After successful installation, I could see "myComputer" (from SuSE)
as below:

Device File System Mounted
===== ========= =======
hda1 ntfs /windows/C
hdb1 ntfs /windows/D
hdb6 ext3 /
hdb7 ext3 /home

I can't find any file named "grub.conf" under "/boot/grub", but it is
existed under "/etc". The file "/boot/grub/menu.lst" has the list of
both OS (Windows and Linux).

The "/boot/grub/" shows the following:
(hd1) /dev/hdb (which is mounted to /windows/D, / and /home)
(fd0) /dev/fd0 (which I believe is the floppy drive)
(hd0) /dev/hda (which is mounted to /windows/C)

Now question, how can I fix this problem ? Please help.

What is size of second HD that BIOS can see?
Part of GRUB that is in MBR relies on BIOS to find the rest of the files, so
if your BIOS can't address 90 GB, GRUB will report error 21.