Re: Logitech USB cam

scott wrote:

I have a Logitech USB cam I've been using on another platform for
chat sessions. Is it possible to use this cam on Linux 10.2 using a
chat program like Kopete? If so, how can one get Linux to recognize it?

What model? I have a Logitech Messenger (?) webcam. When I was using the
2.6.18 kernel that came with openSUSE 10.2, I had to compile and install a
module to get it to work. Then I upgraded to openSUSE's 2.6.22 kernel and
now the webcam is detected without any additional work on my part.

I use AMSN to chat via webcam with my family. I haven't tried Kopete, but I
would assume that it would work as well since video support is a kernel
issue and not an application issue (most of the time that is).