Re: swap partition sharing

Chris wrote:
Does anyone know if the Linux swap partition can be shared between openSUSE
10.2 and openSUSE 10.3?

My thought is that it should be, but I thought I would check first. I just
downloaded 10.3 (yay torrent! and yes I'm seeding now :)) and I want to try
it out on a small, 4GB partition. Instead of splitting that 4 GB free space
into two partitions (/ and swap), I would like to just have 10.3 reuse the
swap partition that 10.2 is using now.

I have four distros split two each on two physical hard drives. They share a single 1.38G swap partition on the first drive. There are not two SUSE distros, but that should not make any difference, as long as each has been told, during install, which partition to use for swap.

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