Re: 10.3?

Punjab The Sailor Man wrote:
Thomas Tootle wrote:
I anxiously got up at 0500 to start a torrent client to download 10.3.
Can't find a torrent or a mirror that is showing it yet. Isn't today the
release date? Any ideas when it will be available? Damn, I'm like a kid
on Christmas morning!

Why did have it before or

First of all, it may well be that all mirrors did or did not have them
at the same time. They need to sync first to carry them :)

Secondly, not all mirrors had their rights set to open to everybody.
Some were set wrongly, so they could be downloaded in advance.

I was among the lucky ones who happened to try downloads while the
window was unintentionally (or intentionally) open.

There were mirrors giving 403 errors, there were also mirrors asking for
usernames and passwords.

I think thet were set correctly.

Thirdly, is their "own" server farm, which may or may not have
set the right correctly before the official launch.

Fourthly, the launch was (usually is) on an afternoon in Germany (CET)

There may be other reasons :)


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