Re: suse 10.3

On Sat, 06 Oct 2007 01:18:23 +0000, Andy wrote:

Hi all,

Yes, one weird thing that I saw in 10.1, was fixed in 10.2, but is
back in 10.3:

The way Firefox displays Thai fonts is not right. In the Thai writing
system, sometimes you need to assemble multiple characters and display
them in one single space (one above the other). Firefox instead,
spreads each one of these characters over its own space.

Yeah, this is not Earth shattering, but it's annoying nevertheless.
Something that was working fine before...

BTW, this doesn't happen with Konqueror, and I almost never bother
looking at Thai texts anyway.


I wound up installing things like Netscape 9, Firefox and Thunderbird in a
hidden directory in my /home folder and linking the binary to the bin
folder in my home directory. This allows me to update it from itself
rather than depend on an rpm to do it. I use the 64 bit version of the OS
and run 32 bit browsers mostly for plugin compatibility. For Konqueror, I
use the 32 bit version of nsplugin so I can use 32 bit plugins with the 64
bit Konqueror. I name the directory that all the gecko stuff is installed
in .gecko. I'm the only user so this works well for me.