Re: Memory afinity

"Mark South" <mark.south@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
On Wed, 10 Oct 2007 16:41:54 +0000, Andrew Madsen wrote:

I had an application vendor tell me that I could set memory affinity for
processor. In other words if I had 8GB of memory in a two processor box I
could set 4 GB per processor or 6 to one processor and 2 to the other
instead of all 8 being availble to which ever processor needed it. Is
true and if so how do I set it?

The important question to ask before that one is, can you do more
memory allocation than the kernel can?

I do not believe I can but the vendor seemed to indicate that he kernel
cannot do a good job so you need to set the memory affinity to allocate the
memory better. This is an analytical program and they were saying that one
scenario would be to have 8GB and assign 6GB to one processor where the
analytical application would run and the remaining 2GB to the other
processor so the rest of the box could run.