Re: 10.3 cannot find my cd/dvd after the install

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I would try this:
tail -f /var/log/messages
and than put CD or DVD in drive. Kernel should show some activity. If not
than it can be kernel driver bug, and for now we can't do much, but to
could it just be a missing device driver? Are they all in the kernel?
If not, how do I add it? Can I take it from 10.2?

This is a kernel libata problem, and 10.2 has no clue about libata, besides
that driver modules are compiled for certain kernel version. Kernel will
refuse to load driver module that is compiled for different version.

Now back to search for a solution.

1) ***********
I'm reading your dmesg on bugzilla, this time 'by hand', ie. line by line:
<4>ata2: port is slow to respond, please be patient (Status 0x80)
<3>ata2: SRST failed (errno=-16)
I can see that 2 hard disks are on ata1. This ata2 seems to be DVD drive.

2) ***********
Mentioned that there is problem if drive is slave (which is a lot of
drives), and that it was solved by connecting DVD as master.
You have additional drives, so you should know how to do it :-)
but just in case:

One of developers asked to try kernel parameters:
As it is a Dell computer there is no information who made motherboard, so
you can try pci=nomsi just in case that mobo is MSI.

If those fail, connect drive as master (/dev/hdc, /dev/sdc) instead of hard
disk, and see if you can access DVD.

3) ***********
You may try to use kernel parameter [see 1]
Mentioned that there is problem if drive is slave (which is a lot of
drives), and that it was solved by connecting DVD as master. One of
developers asked to try kernel parameters:
acpi=off pci=nomsi

[1] To enter kernel parameter on boot grub screen, just type in parameter,
for instance:
and press Enter.


Booting with all of those parameters made no difference. The device
monitor is silent. Nothing gets put in the /var/log/messages file when
I insert a cd. There is still no /dev/sr*

I'll open it up later on and see about the Master/slave issue. This is
a major bug, and so far Novell has not even responded to this.


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