Re: OT: Operating System (Warning: Additional Off Topic material inside this post!) :-]

ChairmanOfTheBored wrote:
On Sun, 28 Oct 2007 00:39:37 +0200, houghi <houghi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

ChairmanOfTheBored wrote:
Has anyone here tried the Open Solaris releases?

Now the reason for my posting. This is NOT a rant, this is a simple
explanation of logic.

If it is OT, it should not be posted. If it is not OT, but (even remotely)
related to what is posted here, it should not carry the OT in the

I will put it in a diagram:

Subject I want to post
OT? ---> Yes ----> Do not post
Post. Do not use OT in the subject as the subject is not OT.

See a simple yes/no matter.

Now this is what OT posters use:

Subject I want to post
OT? ---> Yes ----> Do not post
---> A lot ----> Post with OT in the subject
---> No ----> Post normaly

As if you make an excuse before you do something bad. Like "I am sorry I
am going to make your girlfriend a little bit pregnant."
Also the excuse that is used is "But I thought it would be interesting
for this group." That excuse has been used by spammers since the first
spam. It is not valid for them. It s not valid for others.

So basicaly it is (again) very simple. If it is OT, you do not post it.
If it is NOT OT, you do not need the OT in the subject as it would
contradict itself.


Rant Retort... in rant form, of course.


Because the manner folks have used in USENET for DECADES for such
things is EXACTLY the way I posted it.

The REASON I posted it was because MOST folks in here are VERY
knowledgeable about Linux, and Unix based OSes in general, and MOST of
those folks sport some modicum of civility in their thinking. Thank you
for reducing that number by one.

The reason folks use the front end moniker OT is because they don't
want to offend dingledorfs that can't handle SLIGHTLY off topic posts.

Since my goal was to indeed find out from folks HERE first hand as to
whether they have any experience with this OTHER OS, I asked.

YOU shouldn't have a problem with it, NOR should you come up with some
lame, bent brained CRAP about whether it should take place on this PUBLIC
forum. I see it as YOUR logic which is flawed.

SO, HO FEE (sounds like you are a ho that charges a fee for your
services), FEEL FREE to FILTER ME, if you have a problem with my query of
the OTHER fine folks that frequent this PUBLIC group.

Since this is the STANDARD practice in Usenet, your logic is more than
a bit flawed. So don't shit yourself. You're not a genius by any
stretch, and it is more than a bit evidenced by your reaction to folks
that don't post 100% about Suse, Suse, and ONLY Suse!

Just so you know, this IS an alt group, and there IS a charter...

Since I AM a user AND advocate of the popular SuSE Linux Distribution,
and this is NOT a commercial post or binary, I am perfectly within the
charter's scope, or do you have a problem with the meaning of the word
UNMODERATED? I could post about ANYTHING non-commercial if I wished.

Here's an example:

In other words, if I wanted to post about my goddamned CAT, I could,
and it is NOT your place to condemn that OR a post that is marked OT, NOR
is it your place to jack off at the mouth about whether marking a post OT
is somehow incorrect. I think that YOUR logic is severely flawed, and
that you opining about it here is more like a child stomping his feet at
the other kids playing in the mud puddle.

But hey, since it IS an un-moderated group, you can pound your chest all
you want, little man. It won't change the opinion I have of you one
iota, because that was formed years ago when I took note of the
"position" you "think" you have in this group.

So, you are BASICALLY (two Ls) out of your mind to think that your
stupid little arrow indicators mean anything at all to anyone. In other
words, you can pound you chest... you can stomp in the mud puddle, and
you can go pound salt in your ass. I don't care. Now, you and all your
little puppy dog followers can filter me. I don't care about that either.
I know what the word free means.

Yes, it WAS a rant, and you can place any kind of veil in front of it
you wish, it doesn't change the facts. and NO, my logic isn't flawed,
your is. In other words, IKYABWAI!
What a great rant report. I agree whole heartedly, but houghi has suffered from delusions of grandeurs ever since I have been reading this news group. Lots of crap remarks very little good advice, I guess that's me filtered too, lol.