Re: K3b and OpenSuse 10.3

On Sat, 2007-11-03 at 16:39 +0000, Joerg Schilling wrote:
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Chris Cox <ccox_nopenothis@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The DVD support source code in cdrecord has never been published before
May 15th 2006, so _how_ could a non-published source be _pulled_ _back_?

Didn't mean to upset you so much. I think the confusion is that
there was cdrecord and then there was cdrecord-proDVD. cdrecord
was "free" and cdrecord-proDVD was not. I think that most people
thought that future development of cdrecord was in the form of
cdrecord-proDVD and thus people were frustrated that it (assuming
it WAS the future of cdrecord) was no longer free.

There is and always was _one_ cdrecord source and a limited OSS distribution
that did visibly evolve.

I did always make clear what the background of that decision has been.

Thanks again Joerg... but I'm pretty sure I was not the only one with
the completely wrong impression of the situation. Again.. probably just
a communication problem.. but man... talk about getting things wrong.

Unfortunately, there have been many trolls who spread dissinformation in order
to harm the project. Then there was a person called "Bernhard Rosenkrnzer" who
published a defective variant of cdrtools in February 2001. He called it a
"fork" but the only work on the source was to first nake it 100% nonportable
and then trying to fix the selfmade bugs. In September 2006 Mr. Eduard Bloch
did the same. Both "forks" died after less than a year.

Ok... but I tell you my intent was not the spreading of FUD, and I hope
that you can at least see (maybe) why I was somewhat confused over
the matter.

In the past time, cdrtools has been enhanced in major way but people still
spread FUD on the cdrtools project....

My personal opinion is that many had the same impression that I did...
so maybe this thread has helped some people to better understand things