Re: openSUSE 10.3 : Video Mode Not Supported

ChairmanOfTheBored wrote:
On Sun, 11 Nov 2007 23:35:07 +1300, jw_karori <jw_karori@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Will Honea wrote:
jw_karori wrote:

I wish to evaluate openSUSE 10.3 from the cover DVD with Dec 07

Selected Live/GNOME option. Linux Kernel loads OK; services, etc,
begins OK. At point where "gdm service" starts to load, screen blanks
and my Hyundai L90D monitor shows error message "Video mode not
supported". Video mode for existing Win2K and Mandriva2007.0 dual-boot
systems work OK set to 1280x1024 @60Hz, and openSUSE 10.3 automatically
sets Video Mode to 1280x1024 at start. Video card is nVIDIA GeForce FX

As 1280x1024 appears OK, am assuming it is the refresh rate that the
monitor objects to. Is there an option to set the refresh rate to 60Hz
prior to Live-CD or install? Or is there some other work-around?
John, I set mine up for 1400x900 60hz using Sax2 while booted to the CD (it
used 1024x768 70 hz by default). The system persisted that setting across
the subsent install from that live CD in the same session. Did you set the
appropriate mode before selecting the install option?

Is "Sax2" an option? Where is this (and any other) option documented?

I was trying to start openSUSE as a live CD, have not tried an install - wanted to evaluate it first! For me, "Video Mode" under the Linux-Magazine DVD only auto-presets 1280x1024 resolution, not the refresh rate apparently. Have tried again with other settings (including "Text"). Same result - Video mode not supported".

sax2 is a SuSE x-configuration applet.

You asking where it is documented tells me that you have done no
searching for it.

YOU do a search for it, and YOU will find it as it has been in use by

Thanks. Have now googled and found info on Sax2. To me, it seems that it is available for use after booting openSUSE. Perhaps I didn't make myself fully clear in my initial and followup postings (my bad), but when the screen blanks (apart from the "Video mode not supported" message) after "starting gdm" I can go no further - the screen remains like that.

By "option" in my postings, I meant entries in the "Boot options" entry area on the openSUSE initial boot splash screen - I think I need a boot option to force 60 Hz refresh rate to continue the boot-up ...

Nelson, New Zealand